What's inside a hacker's mind? We know before they do.

Most security solutions rely on "signatures" to protect you - like looking up fingerprints in a database of known criminals - but the "fingerprints" often have multiple matches, and not always to bad guys. Threat X's hackerMind™ technology identifies anomalous behavior by tracking suspicious client behavior over time and developing a risk assessment - and stops it before a hacker can do damage.


Trusted Sensors, Better Technology

Threat X uses proprietary "trusted sensors" to detect when entities behave unusually, with the ability to immediately act to thwart an attack. Events are correlated across multiple sensors to identify malicious entities based on their combined behavior, not just the security events themselves. Where our competitors may succeed in blocking 99% of malicious traffic, Threat X identifies the remaining 1% without putting legitimate user traffic at risk.

Threat X PhalseNET

A next-generation malicious user "trap" system built on mirrored copies of actual applications. PhalseNET utilizes application containers and a mutation engine to modify replies to suspected requests in order to determine if the remote entity is malicious. If malicious, PhalseNET will continue to interact with the entity while monitoring the techniques employed to develop a fingerprint for the behavior.

iWAF - the Intelligent Web Application Firewall

  • Reconnaissance
  • Port Scanning
  • Web Application Mapping
  • Brute Force Attack
  • Exploitation Attack
  • Denial of Service
  • Malware Communication

Where other security platforms stop at security event identification, Threat X identifies not only the entity performing the attack, but also the level of progress made by the attacker. iWAF tracks threats across the seven states of attack, providing you with multiple response options:

Real-Time Threat Response

Through the process described above, Threat X factors out false-positives and duplicate security events and escalates only when a specific entity has been identified and made progress to the level defined by you. Malicious traffic can be tracked, blocked, or slowed down by redirecting it through a highly-interactive network trap (proprietary, next-generation honeypot). The actions for these can be set for each level of attack escalation and can be automated or programmed to require customer authorization. Under either scenario, you will receive immediate notification. From any web or mobile device, you can access the Threat X response application to view detailed information on an attack, applications involved, actions taken, and recommendations for further action or analysis. We provide real-time alerts and the power to respond anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

ctrl_X Dashboard

See what matters, when it matters.

ctrl_X is a Dashboard that let's Executives, IT Professionals and Business Owners see the information that is relevant to them and understand what is happening now, and how that compares to their security over time. Our advanced sensors and intelligent analysis engine automatically weed out the false positives and present information in an intuitive, actionable format for each audience. When you need to know, The ctrl_X Dashboard will notify you – the rest of the time you can rest assured that the bad guys can't touch you.

Not all Threats are created equally.

Using our hackerMind™ Technology Threat X is continually evaluating all the activities of every visitor to your domain – and determining suspicious behaviors as they occur. Some behaviors set off immediate action, others are not yet a threat but bear watching very closely. As visitors interact with your site we rate the risk of their behavior. We focus on the bad actors without affecting the customers, search engines and other traffic that you want to keep. At any time you can choose to block the activity manually – or let Threat X manage the process based on our industry leading detection and protection mechanisms.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce False Positives

    iWAF will accurately identify and block more malicious attacks than any other software on the market without impacting legitimate user activity.

  • Security Team Efficiency

    iWAF automates the analysis of thousands of security events without de-tuning the system, greatly reducing the workload of your security professionals.

  • Rapid Analysis and Response

    The iWAF dashboard suite provides a more accurate view of all possible threats, and gets actionable information into your hands faster.

  • Scalability and Performance

    Threat X technology provides superior protection without impacting application responsiveness for you or your end users.

  • Better Threat Communication

    We provide you with the tools necessary to understand your threat situation and communicate it clearly and concisely, at every level of the company, from the executive suite to the help desk.